About us

The Surgical Company, product group PTM, is a leading European company acting on a global level in the field of hypothermia and offering 4 complete ranges of innovative solutions for Patient Temperature Management:



The Surgical Company specialises in the development of innovative solutions for healthcare professionals. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of perioperative hypothermia. We offer wide range of patient temperature management solutions like Mistral-Air, Fluido, Thermoflect and Fluido Irrigation.

Large investments have been made in fully automated production in The Netherlands, offering the highest quality product at an affordable price. Our know-how is protected by several patents on our core products. Worldwide distribution is set up through an extensive and highly qualified Business Partner network covering more than 50 countries.



Our core business is all about 37°C, about keeping patients at a constant healthy body temperature throughout the perioperative pathway. The Surgical Company is working with respected medical professionals to accomplish continuous innovation, improve patient outcome and to reduce health care costs. This by providing training, education and economically justified, best-in-class products.

The Surgical Company Group

The Surgical Company, product group PTM, is part of The Surgical Company Group. Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company, headquartered in The Netherlands, has grown both organically and through mergers and acquisitions to a Group of 9 companies employing 375 people.

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