Why Patient Temperature Management?

Effective and continuous patient warming helps to protect your patients from getting hypothermic, a core body temperature of 36ºC or below. 
The aim is to maintain patient temperature at normal levels at all times: between 36.5º and 37.5º C.

Implementation of best practice to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia could lead to reductions in Surgical Site Infections (SSI), reductions in the length of hospital stays, reduction of coagulopathy and myocardial ischaemia and in the end will make your patient feel comfortable as well.

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The Surgical Company | Who are we?

The Surgical Company is a leading European company acting on a global level in the field of hypothermia and offering solutions for patient warming.

Our core business is all about 37°C, about keeping patients at a constant healthy body temperature.

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Virtual37 - Temperature Management Tool

Virtual37 is a Temperature Management Tool, developed in order to support health care professionals in maintaining normothermia and using The Surgical Company solutions.

You can use this tool in daily practise yourself as well.

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