Fluido Compact

Fluido Compact is an easy to use, safe and cost effective system with an outstanding performance for your daily blood and fluid warming.

The one button operation and the intuitive control panel makes the system very easy to use. The Fluido Compact rapidly warms fluids to the target temperature. There are 2 disposable sets, which allow the IV fluid to reach temperature in 30 seconds, and consists of a cassette and patient line.

The embedded software enables maximum patient safety through multiple temperature sensors and an independent safety control system. It provides accurate and safe Blood and Fluid Warming.

Cost effective
The device is maintenance free and contributes to low operational costs. The disposable sets move easily with the patient between different systems. This allows the caregiver to warm IV fluids for the patient across departments with only one disposable without having to move the warming unit.

Fluido Compact System | Article number 650000
Containing Fluido Compact Control Module & Fluido Compact Warming Module
Fluido Compact Control Module | Article number 650100
Dimensions 285mm x 120mm x 195mm
Weight 1700g
Voltage 100 - 240V - (50/60 Hz)
Max. Power 160W
Classification (IEC 60529) IPX1
Classification (IEC 60601-1) Class II, BF
Classification (MDD 93/42/EEC) Class IIb


Fluido Compact Warming Module | Article number 650200
Dimensions 165mm x 75mm x 50mm
Weight 450g
Temperature range 39° C ± 2° C
Classification (IEC 60529) IPX4
Classification (IEC 60601-1) Class II, BF
Classification (MDD 93/42/EEC) Class IIb

1) Validated tests with IV fluids at ambient temperature
2) Free flow with 300 mmHg


You can download Fluido Compact User Manuals in other languages from the Business Partner Menu.

There is no Technical Manual available because the Fluido Compact does not require maintenance since there are no serviceable parts.

Short Instructions For Use

 Fluido Compact Short Instructions for Use

User Manual

 Fluido Compact User Manual English


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