Construction of a new production location for The Surgical Company has begun in Almelo


The Patient Temperature Management (PTM) division of The Surgical Company (TSC) has commissioned a newly built construction of approx. 9,000 m2 at business park Twente Noord in Almelo, to be occupied in the second half of 2021. To this end, TSC has signed an agreement with Next Level Development. The project will be realised on a plot of 20,000 m2, thus allowing for future expansion. TSC-PTM develops, produces and globally distributes specialist medical equipment for the prevention of hypothermia and the warming of patients undergoing surgery.

To facilitate the rapid growth of the company, investment is being made in new automated lines of production which will house storage, distribution and quality control under one roof. This new location will provide opportunities for employment of production workers, warehouse operatives and service engineers. Recruitment will start in the next few months.

The construction of the building will be carried out by construction company Systabo, based in Enschede, on behalf of Next Level Development. Construction has begun and is expected to be completed in October 2021.

Quote from The Surgical Company

“With these investments and by producing our warming blankets in-house and in a sustainable and more efficient way, we are taking a big step forward. This move matches our ambition to grow even further and to prevent hypothermia during surgery in as many patients as possible worldwide, so that they heal faster and can go home earlier.” - Herbert van der Strate, COO

Quote from Next Level Development

“With appropriate pride we welcome this new customer. We will get to work immediately to realise a tailor-made construction for their business operations in Almelo,” says Dave Heesakkers, Director of Projects at Next Level. “Despite restrictions and the additional guidelines that we will have to respect because of Covid-19, we aim to deliver the building responsibly and safely, within the agreed timeframe.”

Quote from Almelo Municipality

The Almelo Municipal Executive is very pleased with TSC’s choice of site. Councillor Arjen Maathuis: "Not only because of the employment, but also because the innovative strength of the medical company perfectly matches the character of Almelo as a city where innovation thrives."

“Above all, a land purchase that expresses confidence,” says Alderman Langius, “given the size of the plot and the expected growth of the company.”