The 37Company continues as The Surgical Company


Our parent company, the The Surgical Company Group, includes four production companies: The 37Company (NL), Sensium (UK), Axess Vision (FR), Hemologic (NL). 

As we have increased our collaboration over the years, it is a natural progression to now share a common identity 

As of today, the TSC production companies proudly continue as The Surgical Company. All of our products will now be presented under ONE brand: The Surgical Company. 

Our portfolio has 6 product lines: Mistral-Air, Fluido, Fluido Irrigation, Broncoflex, Sensium and Thermoflect.   

“All 360 people, working at The Surgical Company, are grateful to you, our partners and our customers, to make this possible and invite you to continue this journey of growth together in this exciting Medical World.” Says Luc Van Schil, CEO and owner of The Surgical Company Group. 


Click here to see the entire The Surgical Company product portfolio 


The Surgical Company November 2020 from The Surgical Company - CC on Vimeo.