URO Patient Line

The Fluido Irrigation URO Patient Line is a available separately. It should be connected to a Fluido URO Set. 

How it works:

  • Leave the Fluido Irrigation URO Set inside the Fluido Irrigation Fluid warmer
  • Remove used Patient Line
  • Connect a new Patient Line

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URO Sets  
FluidoIrrigation URO Patient Line  Art. No. 680801-B 
FluidoIrrigation URO Spike Set  Art. No. 680803-B 
FluidoIrrigation URO Female Cap  Art. No. 680804 
FluidoIrrigation URO Set (complete containing the above) Art. No. 670800-B

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The Fluido system has demonstrated to be a user-friendly and...

F.C.H d’Ancona, MD, PhD, Urologist, University Medical Center St. Radboud, The Netherlands, 2009

By using the Fluido® Irrigation Set we achieved to keep the patient...

T. Anderssen, M. D. PhD Anaesthetic nurse, Dep. of Anaesthesiology, , Norway, 2009