Virtual37 UPGRADED!

Virtual37 now available as a mobile app

Business partners who actively use Virtual37 achieve great results, so we have redesigned Virtual37 as a mobile application. Virtual37 is now easier to use and always up to date, and can also be used without an internet connection, which is often more convenient in hospitals!

Improve your results

Using Virtual37:

  • helps you to become more comfortable with our Patient Temperature Management (PTM) portfolio
  • contributes to your role as a consultant for your (potential) customers
  • improves the sales strategy concept by showing that the best results for warming patients are obtained by combining the different therapies
  • increases awareness about PTM and our PTM product portfolio by demonstrating Virtual37 during your training courses, workshops, conversations with clinical specialists and so on.


Virtual37 is a Temperature Management Tool and has been validated by University Hospital Ghent, Belgium: "To avoid the negative clinical impact of surgically induced hypothermia, understanding and awareness about the mechanisms of a patient’s warming balance is essential."


Virtual37 is now available in the Google Play and App Store!

Google Play

     App Store 



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